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About Doubleshot Domains

We provide domain names and email for photographers who use photo-hosting websites.

With us, domains work instantly and correctly — no need to edit DNS!

We include special touches to increase your website ranking and ensure your emails always go through. These special touches (naked domain forwarding, wildcards answering, SPF/DMARC records, and many more) are too complex for the self-serve tutotials published by big photo-hosting websites... but we provide those benefits automatically.

We offer fair $10/year pricing on most domains. We don't sell unwanted add-ons. We're not a web hosting provider and won't compete with yours.

Doubleshot Domains was created in 2013, founded by helpdesk veterans with decades of experience who've guided thousands of photographers through domain purchase, transfer, and configuration. Too many photographers have been sent to big-name registrars only to be sold unwanted extras, been confused by ever-changing and overly-complex interfaces, and then told things "may take 24 - 48 hours". Our specialized registrar service "just works" — right away.

Doubleshot Domains is now owned by theimagefile.us, an affiliate of theimagefile.com (a UK photo-selling & hosting service). We offer domains & email that work with most major photo-selling providers. Under the hood, we're resellers for OpenSRS, InternetBS, GoDaddy, and Namecheap.com.