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Benefits: Free Unlimited Email Forwards

We provide unlimited free email forwarding accounts. We don't store email; we just forward it.

With each domain, you may create as many forwarding accounts as needed, and add/edit/delete them at any time.

You may create one-to-many forwards where a single email address at your domain is forwarded to multiple recipients.

You may create catch-all forwards to collect all email to any address at your domain which isn't already handled.

With every forward rule (and every resource on our system), you can attach a private Admin Comment with any personal notes. We automatically track creation and update actions in your easy-to-browse changelog.

Every forward rule comes with a unique, secure relay account using state-of-the-art TLS encryption. This relay account allows you to truly "Send As" using your email address at your domain with Gmail and other providers.

Here is an example setup of many forwards:

stan@mysite.com stan.tassi.1997@gmail
sales@mysite.com stan.tassi.1997@gmail
sales@mysite.com amy.fox.1972@gmail (a one-to-many forward)
everything-else@mysite.com amy.fox.1972@gmail (a catch-all)