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Benefits: Naked Domain Forwarding

A typical website answers at both http://mysite.com and http://www.mysite.com. New visitors may arrive at either address.

However, search engines such as Google apply a "duplicate content penalty" when websites publish the exact same content at multiple addresses.

Our solution? All your visitors to the "naked domain" http://mysite.com are instantly redirected to your one true address www.mysite.com. So, all your visitors go to the right place automatically. Yet at the same time, you continue to get full Google-search-credit for any links or past content published under your naked domain (because we use 301 Permanent redirects).

The alternative? If you follow the basic tutorials provided by photo-hosting websites, they'll often neglect to configure the naked domain at all, leaving it forever as a landing page. Or, if you follow extra steps, you'll get both the naked and "www" hosts returning duplicate content, which has a search penalty. Configuring a proper redirect on the naked domain is beyond what most tutorials cover.