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Benefits: SFP and DMARC

Chasing lost emails is no fun. Your best customer makes a huge order! But his promised confirmation email never arrives... he calls you. You call your photo-selling website provider... precious time is lost.

When you make a sale, your photo-selling website sends a confirmation email on your behalf, and that email is often flagged as spam. To a spam filter, any email sent on behalf of another is suspicious. And the confirmation email is clearly automated and necessarily includes selling/monetary terms — making it even more suspcious.

Our solution? We know who you're hosting with, so we create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record telling spam filters to whitelist your provider's mail servers, and a DMARC record to further boost your trust level. Your emails are more likely to get through.

The alternative? None of the typical registrar tutotials cover SPF records (we build those records ourselves and test them daily). Your emails — especially those sent by your hosting provider — are more likely to go through with us.

Related: we also offer one-to-many-forwarding to help avoid lost emails.