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Benefits: Gmail Integration

We provide unlimited free email forwarding accounts. We don't store email; we just forward it.

Gmail is a popular destination. You can forward to an existing Gmail account you already use, or create a brand new account for this purpose.

By default, Gmail displays your original @gmail address in everything you send:

From: "Amy" <amy.fox.1972@gmail.com>
From: "Amy" <amy.fox.1972@gmail.com> (sent on behalf of <amy@mysite.com>)
how your sent emails look with other providers

To allow you to "natively send" using your own domain, we provide you with a relay account and Gmail setup instructions. Once configured, Gmail lets you send using either your original @gmail address or your corporate one @mysite.com. Your recipient does not see your Gmail address in the From header:

From: "Amy Fox" <amy@mysite.com>
true "Send As" when using our relay account

Although Gmail is doing most of the work here, we provide your unique relay account, concise setup instructions, and tools for testing & verifying.