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Benefits: Help With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As new domain owner, your first search concerns are:

  • Tell Google about my website

  • Get past Google's distrust of brand-new sites

  • Rank on the first page for your focus keywords

We help with all of these! In fact, as your domain registrar and DNS provider, we can boost rankings in unique ways that others simply can't.

Tell Google

As a free service, we automatically "ping" Google and other search engines when your domain launches. Other registrars charge big for this.

We audit your website twice per hour, and we won't ping Google until we're verified your domain is setup properly and resolving worldwide.

(If you want to stay private until you're ready, you can opt out of our ping-service during registration. There's no charge either way.)

You can re-ping anytime.

Build Trust

Google is flooded with "spam websites" — sites that appear for just a few months at a time, using stolen or auto-generated content to cross-link with each other and serve ads or malware. Google is great at filtering out spam websites, so you & I don't see them, but we feel the effect — Google's distrust of new websites.

Your new website needs to get past this. Once you've been running a year and have unique content and incoming links, you'll never have to worry about it again. In the meantime, here's what you can do:

  • Publish accurate Registrant Owner data. If possible, use the same exact address and phone number on both your website contact page and Registrant Owner info. We guide you through the Registrant Owner step with trust-building and SEO in mind.

  • Take a Google Account that you've actively used for years, like your personal Gmail account, and use it to "claim" your new website through Google Webmaster Tools. Now Google knows your website is "real". Claiming your website normally requires a tricky DNS edit, but our one-click wizard makes it easy.

  • You can show Google that you're not a throwaway spam domain by registering for the max duration of ten years. Other registrars will take your money in advance but, under the hood, still only renew one year at a time at the last possible moment. We immediately apply all renewals, allowing you to show off your far-future expiration.

  • Avoid repeatedly launching new domains by picking the right domain the first time and keeping it — "one professional domain for life". Over time, you'll specialize, or branch out, or move, or experiment. You can rebrand your website content and title while keeping the same domain and email. Consider:

    amy fox exec portraits seattle.com too specific
    amy fox portraits.com still specific
    amy fox seattle.com still specific
    amy fox photo.com great!
    amy marie fox.com even better?

    A single domain isn't for everyone, but it definitely helps rankings. Also, a general domain is a more natural home for diverse content — like your college B&W portfolio, a video experiment, a Photoshop blog — and publishing lots of content is key for SEO.

Build Rankings

  • Start with the perfect domain name — concise, specific, mirroring the main keywords your visitors will use.

  • Highlight your name, location and keywords in your domain's Registrant Owner data. This is the public record of domain ownership. Google can see this data, and likely trusts it. Other websites mirror this data, indirectly creating links and associations between your website and your owner data.

    We allow more text than most — 180 chars in your Registrant name and three full Address lines:

  • If you need help with SEO, we're happy to help. We have decades of combined experience in SEO and web design, and are experts at working with your current web hosting provider. Email or call for a free consultation.