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Benefits: Wildcard Answering

A typical website answers only at http://www.mysite.com.

Anyone going to clients.mysite.com or blog.mysite.com will see a browser error.

You're losing potential traffic — especially if you previously used custom hostnames, and still have rankings, traffic, and links to those old hostnames.

Our solution? Wildcard DNS redirects *.mysite.com onto your one true address www.mysite.com. We preserve paths too, so blog.mysite.com/contact takes you right to www.mysite.com/contact. Our 301 Permament redirects are Google-friendly, so you continue to receive full SEO credit for rankings and links. This even auto-fixes typos like "w." or "ww." or "wwww.mysite.com".

(We also still allow you to create working custom hostnames like blog.mysite.com.)

Photographers are actually quite often affected by this because it's so common in our industry to use [custom].mysite.com when first integrating with services or providers.

The alternative? Some registrars let you create a *.mysite.com entry, but you need a dedicated IP and smart path-preserving, 301-permanent redirect logic to ensure your visitors end up somewhere useful, while also keeping maximum SEO rankings. We do it automatically for you.